Trigger’s Toys wonderful partnership with Bryan’s House began in 2017, when we rallied the community’s support to expand their therapy program. In a world where special needs children face limited options, Bryan’s House empowers their families by removing barriers to care in order to serve these children through education, health, advocacy and social services. 

As the organization’s CEO, Abigail Erickson-Torress has said, “We believe that every child has a right to thrive, no matter what.”

Over the past four years, supporters like you have helped Trigger’s Toys to donate a total of $250,000 to Bryan’s House!  These funds have provided more than 10,000+ therapy hours, hundreds of development assessment coordinations, and a tremendous boost to over 1,000 young children who need specialized medical, educational and therapeutic care. 

This wouldn’t be possible without supporters like you who have provided donations, volunteered, and supported our events over the years. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your support continues to create an impact in our community and the lives of so many children who need specialized care in their everyday lives, facilitated through Bryan’s House. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic made it impossible for us to host our annual event, the Ultimate Cocktail Experience, which is how we raise the funds that we have traditionally donated to organizations like Bryan’s House. However, thanks to the tremendous impact that our partnership with Bryan’s House has made over the years, a group of highly committed donors has continued to support our organization during this challenging time. Thanks to their tremendous generosity, we are pleased to announce the “Trigger’s Toys 2021 Challenge Grant” for Bryan’s House: $50,000 in matching funds, which will turn into a $100K impact when they can successfully raise the funds!

But wait — it gets better!

Before we could even publish this blog, the amazing team at Bryan’s House set to work at raising matching funds to support their onsite therapy program (aka the Trigger’s Toys Therapy program). Their tireless staff have already secured:

  • $25,000 from Margot Perot,
  • $10,000 from an anonymous local hero,
  • $5,000 grant from Hitachi HiTech, and
  • $5,000 from Nicole Blythe!

That means …. They only need $5,000 more to trigger (pun intended!) our grant of FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! 

Can you donate to them directly here today (and note that it is for the Trigger’s Toys Therapy Program)?

We are so pumped about this remarkable news! And we look forward to hearing more good news from them soon.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our partnership with Bryan’s House over the years. Together, we are making a huge impact on at-risk children with special needs and their families in North Texas!