Our 2020 Children’s Champion, Youth with Faces continues to guide, encourage, and support residents of the Dallas County Juvenile Department in all phases of their transition back into the community. This summer brings a whirlwind of amazing news and the continued positive impact of Youth with Faces programs.

Youth With Faces recently celebrated graduates of the June Career Readiness class. The Career Readiness course focuses on the critical skills needed to apply for and obtain a living-wage job. The young men discussed goal setting and explored their personal career interests during this program. Additionally, all Youth With Faces’ programs include a focus on Character, Capabilities, and Connection. The graduates are excited and feel ready to start their job searches and have positive interview experiences when they get home. Congrats again to the young men! You have a whole tribe of people cheering you on! If you know an employer with job opportunities for Youth With Faces graduates, please email info@youthwithfaces.org.   

Youth With Faces’ team is growing, including the hire of Deidra Smith as program manager in June. Deidra’s expertise includes program execution, program coordination and program design at nonprofits serving justice-impacted youth and adults, as well as transitional-age youth (TAY). Youth With Faces also welcomed Chef Megan Strother in June as culinary instructor for the summer culinary internship. We look forward to meeting you and wish you all the best in your new roles. 

The news only gets better! This summer brings the start of Youth with Faces Culinary Arts & Hospitality Internship. This program allows students to gain hands-on experience planning and managing a summer catering event while working with professional chefs and event planners. All the while, also receiving their Food Handler Certification and delving into menu development, event planning, food service, and more. What an incredible internship to be a part of! The best part of all- it includes a three-day paid internship where students plan and execute a catering event for 130 guests! We can’t wait for this event & we know these young men will knock it out of the park. Youth With Faces is looking for sponsors to help provide groceries and other items for the catering event. Please email them at info@youthwithfaces.org if you’d like to get involved.  While Youth With Faces students are excited to return home from the justice system with new career skills for success, the pandemic has resulted in many participants facing greater financial challenges. Youth With Faces would appreciate your help getting their students back on their feet for a successful transition back to work or school. There are many ways you can help Youth With Faces students: Shop the nonprofit’s Amazon Wish List or purchase gift cards to local restaurants, grocery stores or DART bus passes to help Youth With Faces graduates reintegrate into the community. Thank you for supporting second chances for our community’s youth!