Meet Trigger.

A therapy Lab who inspired an organization’s mission to alleviate the financial and emotional stress on sick children.

It started with a simple visit to a children’s hospital.  A few smiles.  Some giggles.  A little less anxiety. 

Then another visit.  Then another. 

Pretty soon Trigger was dragging his Daddy to any bedside where comfort was urgent.

It wasn’t too long before Santa came attached to his leash.  And we all know he’s a guest who doesn’t show up empty-handed:

  • Toys for kids with cancer.  
  • Toys that made a hospital the North Pole for awhile.  
  • And “toys” that stayed behind to aid in their healing: beds, equipment, even renovations to an entire therapy room!

Thanks to people like you, Trigger’s Toys has grown into a year-round crusade!

While we continue to support medically vulnerable children through charities such as Bryan’s House, we also support children who face institutional barriers to their success through powerful changemakers like Youth With Faces.

With a little help from you, hospitals can feel a little more like home. And even prison walls can become supportive pillars for a new life.

And with a little help from Trigger, we’ll try to make one year’s support have the impact of seven!

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