Believe it or not, Trigger’s Toys is now 13 years old! So crazy how quickly time flies. The year 2020 was an insane twelve months, and we really had to think outside of the box during a year where the word “pivot” became the norm. Thank you to everyone who supported us and our grantees during this time!

Despite the pandemic, and the loss of our major fundraising event (The Ultimate Cocktail Experience), we worked together with our amazing partners to create a significant impact on our community. THANK YOU to everyone who made these results possible!

The Trigger’s Toys 2020 Highlights 

  1. Our 2020 Children’s Champion Award went to Youth with Faces. Thanks to their remarkable leadership, particularly Chris Quadri and Michelle Jones, their team was able to FULLY FUNDED our challenge grant … turning our $100K challenge grant into another $200k+ in funding for their organization. Youth with Faces gives youth in the juvenile justice system the skills needed to break the cycle of incarceration and create positive futures. This grant is already being used in a variety of channels to assist these youth in their customized community reintegration throughout this year. Stay tuned for more updates on the impact of this Challenge Grant. 
  1. The Great Texas BBQ Pickup raised over $22,500 IN ONE DAY! On this day, 450 people purchased meals for their family … which provided financial relief for over 40 Bartenders who had lost their income due to the pandemic. The event received news coverage from Dallas Morning News, Culture Map, Fox News, Dallas Observer, 1310 The Tickets, & several DFW blogs. 
  1. We supported a national partnership with the D.C.-based, The Power of 10 Initiative and our local restaurant partners, Một Hai Ba. Together, we provided around 4,000 meals to families that were struggling in the wake of the pandemic. Thank you to our nonprofit partners, Bryan’s House & Hunger Busters
  1. On North Texas Giving Day, donors contributed over $4,700 to support our mission. These funds will power our work in the community such as the events above — thank you! 
  1. We participated in the Bourbon Cocktail Class & Happy Hour, hosted by Youth with Faces, supported by Nationally recognized bartender, Tim Cooper. We had the incredible opportunity to learn from one the best bartenders, and successful recruited a number of new monthly donors for YWF!

We are looking forward to the future and the continued impact we will all create together in our community. Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all the incredible people and partnerships, who supported us in 2020. We look forward to building on this momentum for an inspiring year ahead for Trigger’s Toys!